Time to grow another person?

By on Jul 15, 2013 in Mama Musings |

Tomorrow my Mirena IUD gets removed so we can try to get pregnant and grow another person for our family.  As an only child, I never even considered having a lot of children (I would have been fine with one, but Glenn wanted four so we compromised at two) but even with all of the challenges, the bad days, the meltdowns (both theirs and mine), the poop, and all of the other less savory parts of parenting, the love I feel for my kiddos is so strong that it outweighs all the bads and makes me think that I actually might be able to handle this whole being outnumbered thing.  On the bad days, I really consider my sanity for rocking the boat when it’s just starting to get a little bit easier…well easier in some ways, I guess…but on the good days, I’m excited to think about what that third child will be like.  Will we finally get a girl?  Or will it be another adorable boy who looks like a triplet of Carter and Collin?  I think about all of the love, all of the memories to be made, and it makes impending morning sickness a little less scary.  Oh who am I kidding, morning sickness is dreadful, and I’m going to be miserable!  But another sweet little baby, the softness, the pink baby smell, the way they sleep on my chest and snuggle in the baby carrier…those are the parts I am so looking forward to again.  So while I don’t think there will ever officially be a good time, a right time, to get pregnant again, tomorrow marks the start of baby season.  Probably for the last time (unless I decide to lose my mind for the fourth time down the road).