5 Minute Friday: Present

By on Jul 12, 2013 in Mama Musings | 1 comment

Five Minute Friday
As a work-at-home mom, I often struggle with truly being present in my children’s lives.  It’s easy sometimes to turn on the television so they are occupied and get lost in a project that needs tending, or, often, Facebook status updates from people I don’t ever see in person and blog posts from people I’ve never even met.  I struggle with needing some time to myself to tune out all of the “mama, mama, mamas” I hear all day long.  The “I want a snacks,” the “I want to watch Blue Clues.”  Sometimes I just want to block it all out and make the time go faster.

But the time is already going fast enough.  I see it in the extra inches Carter grew overnight.  In the floppy brown hair on Collin’s head that we just got cut that already needs tending again.  In the way they are starting to play and interact with each other in the ways I hoped they would when Collin was just a sweet dream in my belly.

And so I have to focus on being more present.  When the requests are more than whining and they actually want me to spend quality time with them.  When Carter wants me to build a fort and have a “pillow party”; when Collin brings me a book with a curious look on his face; when my boys need more than just someone who’s there for the day-to-day drudgery. When want their Mama to snap out of whatever currently seems important on her computer screen and focus on what actually is.

This is a part of 5 Minute Friday.