5 Minute Friday: Beautiful

By on Jul 5, 2013 in Mama Musings | 2 comments

As a boy mom, beautiful probably isn’t the word I should choose to describe my guys, but really, I find myself saying it quite often.

CarterCarter, 3, going on 4, or maybe 34, has the most beautiful blue eyes I’ve ever seen.  With long lashes, perfect sky blue irises, and a twinkle that lights them up.  And his mind.  Oh, he has the most beautiful mind I’ve ever encountered.  The ease with which he learns things and his LOVE of learning just amaze me every day.  I’ve often wondered what geniuses are like as children, because I think I truly have one on my hands here.


CollinAnd Collin, 1, almost 2, is just as beautiful as his brother.  They look so much alike that its almost disconcerting sometimes to see little Carter looking back at me through Collin’s eyes.  But Collin’s beautiful eyes are green instead of blue.  Again with the long lashes and the twinkle, but the color is like soft moss growing on a tree trunk…green with little splotches of green and flecks of blue.  He has my father’s eyes, which is fitting since my dad’s name is his middle name.  And his spirit is beautiful, too.  The way he wiggles and dances every time music comes on.  The funny little strut he has when he’s proud of himself.  The sweet smile he gives me when he wants something.  And especially the beautiful way he hugs me so tight and pats me on my back, reassuring me that everything will be ok.


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