27 Weeks Pregnant

By on Jun 11, 2011 in Pregnancy | 1 comment

Best Moment of the week: Fun playdate at Carter’s girlfriend Abby’s house with my Mommy friends on Wednesday, and lunch with my ex-coworkers yesterday…always nice to spend good times with friends!

Epiphany of the week: By golly, I think I must have passed my glucose test! I should have had a call by Tuesday if there was anything amiss, so even if they took their time, I think I would have heard something by now. I thought about calling to ask, but nah, I’m just going to be happy about the lack of news!
Entertaining question/comment/story of the week: All courtesy of the Munchkin…
  • Carter had his first really good swear word this week, courtesy of Mama. I don’t even remember what inspired it now, but Glenn and Carter were going upstairs, and I was closing up downstairs for the night. I think I dropped something on my toe, or stubbed my toe, or something painful like that, but I yelled “F**K!!!” really loud, and then heard a little parroted “F**K!!” from upstairs. Glenn and I both just about died laughing. Is this something we write in his baby book?? Guess it’s officially time to watch my language.
  • Glenn was in the office and I was lying in bed, exhausted, but Carter was nowhere near ready to sleep. He ran helter skelter down the hallway, screaming “aaaaaaaagggghhhhhh!!!!” at the top of his lungs, then into the bedroom and over to me and said “Hi!” then “aaaaaaaaaggggggghhhhhhh!” down the hallway to the baby gate by the office and said “Hi!” to Glenn, then back and forth about 20 times, screaming and laughing the whole time. Eventually he burned off enough steam to slow down and go to bed!
  • Carter likes to play with Glenn’s big Maglite flashlight, and he’s learned how to turn it on and off himself. We were lying in bed at bedtime the other night and he would turn it on and say, “There it is!” then off and say, “Where did it go??” He did this over and over again, then turned it on and said, “There’s the moon!

He is just so darn cute these days. I am so, so in love with that little boy!

Obsessions: Collin’s little feet. He’s strong enough now to give me some really good kicks, and if I push back at him, I can actually feel his feet just like I could with Carter. They are usually on my right side, about even with my belly button, but getting higher and higher up.
What I am most looking forward to this week: Going to the aquarium with my mommy group…always fun! I think I will bring Carter’s little backpack-leash with me this time!
What I miss the most: Nothing this week. Carter is mostly back to his normal, sweet self.
Symptoms: Braxton-Hicks contractions started this week. I’ve also really had trouble sleeping. Twice this week, I spent a few hours awake in bed wishing I could get back to sleep, which is the worst when I know how tired I will be the next day (last night was one of them). Zzzzzzzz…..

Milestones: I’m in my 3rd trimester, woo hoo! Collin is about 2 pounds and 14.5 inches long. He’s sleeping and waking at regular intervals and opening and closing his eyes. His brain is very active now (going to be smart like his brother!), and his lungs are finally developed enough that he could make it on the outside now with help.

Weight: 144.5